CEO of Crazy Market begins steps to incorperate his online e-commerce store

Roger Koranteng begins process to legally register Crazy Market to start full operations in Ghana

Nov 13, 2022 - 00:38
Nov 26, 2022 - 01:05
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CEO of Crazy Market begins steps to incorperate his online e-commerce store

Crazy Market is growing to become one of the most widely known online store, although operations has not fully kicked off on the site. The owner and CEO Roger Obeng Koranteng earlier last weekend begun with the process of legally and fully incorperating his online store.

Crazy Market is been built to serve as a multi tenant, multi purpose store with diverse functions which includes sellers setting up their own store with just a few clicks. Putting an e-commerce, classified and multi tenant store all on one platform has not been easy.

Roger Obeng Koranteng is a graduate of the University for Development Studies where he studied Accounting, during his days in school he begun working on his start up ideas; one an Online Music Streaming Platform, a blog site and an online e-commerce store.

Below are the links

Crazy Market

Crazy Beats

Online Blog Site-Rogerkoranteng

After his graduation and the high level of unemployment in Ghana, Roger decided to work on his start up's full time, although raising funds has become a difficult and nearly impossible task, he plans to join the all famous Y Combinator; a start up accelerator based in San Franscisco. Earlier this year he filled for an application to be considered a slot which will take place in San Francisco. He hopes to be accepted into next years batch.

Attach to this blog is Crazy Market's User Manual for free download

How to add items to Crazy Market!


Before adding items to the site, you will need to set up your store after registering

To do this you select Sell Now at the top right corner, after selecting a form pops up for you to enter details of shop

When done filling the details in the form we can then proceed to click on Submit

after submiting form, admin has to approve before you can start selling on Crazy Market

Add Product DashBoard

Crazy Market provides three options when adding items, you can add physical products to be shipped to buyers, add items without a buy option(classified) and add products as a digital file for download

In the above image we have the Product Type and Listing Type

Product Type: Product type refers to the kind of product you want to add and in Crazy Market we provide you two options to choose

Listing Type: In Crazy Market we provide three options on how to sell your products these includes Add Product for Sale, Add Product as an Ordinary Listing(Classified) and Add Product to Receive Quote

  • Physical

Physical Products refers to all tangible products that you can ship to buyers. These include products like Phones, Laptops, Shoes, etc

Once you select the Physical option, next you have three option in the Listing Type(Add Product for Sale, Add Product as an Ordinary Listing(Classified) and Add Product to Receive Quote)

Add Product for Sale

After selecting Physical in the Product Type option, we will select Add a Product for Sale in the Listing Type option. This option means we are adding a physical(tangible product) to be sold on the site

Case Study One

We are going to add an Asus Laptop for sale and we will name it as Asus 1

In the above image we added Asus 1 as a Physical Product for Sale, one of the major take in the image above is, we have the permission or option to add product to cart so on the right there is the Add to Cart buttom. This show how to add product to Crazy Market as a MarketPlace

Add Product As A Classified/Ordinary Listing

In the classified option, there is no option to add item to cart but there is the option to Contact Seller. In classified we only put items to be sold by contacting the seller.

Lets add another Asus Laptop for sale as Classified, in this we will name it Asus 2

You realized in the above image there was no option to add item to cart but the only provided option here was how to contact seller

Add Digital Item for sale on Crazy Market

Digital Products refers to products that can be downloaded online these includes pdf, mp3, mp4, csv, images etc

With Crazy Market you have the option to add or sell digital goods.

Before adding a digital file for download in Crazy Market, you have got to select Digital in the Product Type

Lets add a book i wrote Python 101 as a digital file for download

In the added above image we added Python 101 for download once buyer purchases the product he/she will have the right to donload product at any time at their convinience. Another thing to take note is the green Download  botton

Quote System

Finally we can add product and receive quote price form buyer, Crazy market quoting systems works like a bidding system where buyer have the option to negociate price

Vendor DashBoad Options


Main DashBoard



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