A severe caution is issued by Shatta Wale.

Sep 27, 2022 - 13:16
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A severe caution is issued by Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale has urged all talk shows in the entertainment industry to stop discussing his upcoming "GOG" album in any way.

The Dancehall musician, who plans to release other tracks from the album, has requested that these media outlets refrain from making any attempts to discuss it other than to promote it.

"The #GOGALBUM will include several singles, so get ready. Please, please, please. This record is not being made for the Ghanaian music industry. I'm doing this as part of my profession to spread love and peace among the populace. I don't want my album to be the subject of any unfavorable commentary anywhere. It's a caution," he said in a Facebook post.

"I didn't come to this place to join a union. I brought mine, which is the SHATTA MOVEMENT," Shatta continued.

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