Owner of Crazy Market and Crazy Beats Finally completes university

Sep 16, 2022 - 15:40
Sep 18, 2022 - 01:35
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Owner of Crazy Market and Crazy Beats Finally completes university

Crazy Market and Crazy Beats founder finally graduates from University for Development Studies, He started his journey in September, 2018 to read Accounting. After all the set backs and unfortunates events we are glad to announce his completion and Congratulate him on his well-deserved success.

What's Next for Roger?

  • Roger plans to get started with his companies Crazy Market and Crazy Beats while waiting to get investors for his e-commerce platform.
  • He plans to join a big tech company to gain experience whiles working on his start-ups with the help of other graduates and co-founder.

What's Next for Crazy Market?

  • Processes to make Crazy Market a company on its own has been initiated.
  • Crazy Market seeks to get funding from investors to begin it's multi-tenant, multi-function platform.
  • We intend to move around and talk to users .
  • Marketing on the traditional media has been on the list, but has not been able to be carried out as a result of inadeqaute finance.
  • Both the Founder and the Co-founder are seeking investers and funding for this project.
  • We have currently launched a MPV, testing out our website functionalities with users

What's Next for Crazy Beats?

  • Crazy Beats has been put into production and we have added new features to our site, which includes Podcast, Radio section, Library and  Subscription Plans
  • Artist can log into our site, Register and then proceed to request for an artist account for free
  • We have made contacts with artist and manager; and awaiting replying in order to increase our songs database to suit users

CEO's Message

On behalf of Crazy Market and Crazy Beats I appreciate any one who have supported this projects for a while now, from all my website users from US, UK, RUSSIA, INDIA, etc I would like to say a very huge Thanks for the support and love that you have shown me. 

As stated earlier in the message I have finally baged my undergrad, and am looking forward on receiving investors and venture capitals to help make this project a very great one.

I would like to say a very big thanks to my parent's Mr. Charles Obeng and Mr.s Janet Ampadu for all the financial, non-financial support they have given me.

To my friends who supported me and my projects, am grateful and wish you all well

To those who never liked me and were always against me ...

To all person's who are willing to invest into our project and start a convo can now contact me via [email protected]

 Best Regards,

Roger Koranteng

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