Ghanaian lady denied call to the bar because she identifies as LGBTQ+ and has piercings

Because of her sexual orientation, Ama Governor was not called to the bar after spending six difficult years studying for her LLM.

Nov 11, 2022 - 01:53
Nov 16, 2022 - 03:33
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Ghanaian lady denied call to the bar because she identifies as LGBTQ+ and has piercings

According to reports, she was denied entry to the bar because she could not be determined to be a lawyer in good standing.

Judging by her numerous piercings and controversial social media lifestyle, the Ghana Bar Association cracked the whip on her by denying her the opportunity to become a lawyer.

She was due to be called on Friday but received a letter from the Secretary to the General Legal Council informing her of the decision.

A petition was filed against her by an unknown person, which resulted in the punitive decision that was taken against her.

She, along with her disgruntled friends, has taken to social media to cry about the ordeal. According to them, it was not fair for the GBA to stop her from becoming a lawyer at the eleventh hour when she has passed all her exams.

Twitter has been flooded with divergent views on what people make of the situation. While some agree with the GBA, others believe Ama Governor must be allowed to become a lawyer regardless of her sexuality.

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This development has set Twitter talking amid condemnation by many regarding the decision of the General Legal Council.

A three member commitee has been set up to investigate and make final decision on the above matter. 

Although she wasn't graduated this Friday she hopes to practice law in future

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